A certified Aromatherapist and New York State Educator with over  25 years of experience, Tara Penske is passionate about the safe and effective use of essential oils. Through Amadeus Aromatherapy, Tara has reached hundreds of students both curious and committed to incorporating aromatherapy into their daily lives. Tara is well versed in the physical, emotional and spiritual practices that surround the use of aromatherapy. She has focused her time learning how to best help those around her heal, re-energize and repurpose their lives. Her passion is teaching others how to use aromatherapy in their daily lives so that they may educate themselves about the products they use. Tara has a special affinity for exotic oils not found in most formulations. She blends all her clients products from an intuitive perspective, focusing on the needs of each individual.  Tara lives on Long Island with her husband, two children and many animal companions. 

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Meghan is a hard working high school student who loves animals and has a strong interest in the Fine Arts. She creates many of the recipes and product designs for Amadeus Aromatherapy. Her bath bombs, bubble bars and other natural , handmade bath products can be found under her Meghan's Moment tab on this website. She loves to spend time with her friends and family. She helps train her dogs and loves to play with her cat. Meghan loves to travel, especially across Long Island with her mom, Tara